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Suzy Favor Hamilton – Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running From Madness

I saw Suzy Favor Hamilton speak about this book on TV while on a business trip in Singapore, and the story was so crazy I had to read more. Suzy was a runner who competed at two Olympics where she failed to seal the deal at clutch time. When all of the world’s eyes were upon her she came in last in both Olympic races. Humiliated, she came home to Wisconsin with her husband and young daughter and became the number 2 escort in Las Vegas. Her undiagnosed bipolar depression took off on Zoloft and caused her to have hyper sex drive. I get the whole bipolar thing but her husbands reaction of sure go to Las Vegas, sleep with whoever you want, floors me. He even bought her a condo so she could live there. After reading this book I realised that mental disorders are not stigmatising anymore, and there is help available

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Article by: Yiannis Misirlis